A New Take on Neighborhood Security | California Communities Begin to Employ Private Security Guards

Typically when unemployment is high, crime is high. The United States economy has continued to make great strides in rebounding from its 2007/2008 slump, but recessionary effects are still being felt by many Americans across the nation. And, unfortunately, such effects often bring about undesired waves of community violence. However, Oakland, California residents may have found a solution.

New information tells us that some community residents in the city of Oakland, CA have begun to pay private security officers $.50 cent per hour for four hours a day to patrol their communities. $.50 per hour may at first come across as laughable, but multiple security companies are reporting as many as 300 to 500 homes signing-up for these private security services.

When we do the math: $.50 x 4 hours x 400 homes x 7 days = $5,600 per week in revenue. 

The security guard companies are reporting that their security officers are not trying to replace police officers, but are committed to providing added protection to communities in need, and filling in slots where police resources are constrained. As such, both unarmed and armed security guards have begun to spring-up in across Oakland communities to protect residents.

Even better, this is not even a “2 percenter” benefit of only the wealthy. In fact, in Oakland, the largest rise in these private security guard services has been seen in middle class neighborhoods.

Last, as always, some community residents have begin to speak-out against the use of private security professionals in residential neighborhoods. They claim that citizens are being forced to help police officers with their salaried jobs. Some of these arguments are understandable, but no one can deny that the most important issue is safety.

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