Security Guard Training in Louisiana

In order to become an unarmed security guard in the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners requires you to obtain security guard training and licensure under the company or security agency or employer that hires you. This means that licenses cannot be used across companies and each time you change employment, one must re-start the licensing process.

Security Guard TrainingBasic qualifications that must be met to engage in security guard training include:

  • Being of 18 years of age or older
  • Having a valid and up-to-date driver’s license
  • Having a social security card
  • Submitting to being fingerprinted
  • Having a passport style self-photograph
  • Successfully finishing two sets of 8-hour security guard training sessions

Note that the first training session is specifically about the company or security agency and can be overseen by the company/agency or through the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners.

Additional conditions that could be of assistance include being  in good physical shape, having the ability to stand for extended periods of time and possessing thorough communication skills.

Security Guard Training Core Subjects

The basic training subjects that are covered in the security guard security guard training course involve:

  • The role of private security
  • Legal aspects
  • Patrol and observation
  • Incident response
  • Security resources: Surveillance operation and documentation
  • Customer service issues: Working with and addressing the public
  • First aid overview

Again, these are some of the basic requirements and additional subjects may be taken and added.

In regards to fees, there are two fees individuals are responsible for. The fees include your application fee of $40.00 and your fingerprinting fee of $55.25. Fingerprinting fees include state and FBI background checks.


Occupational Statistics for Security Guards in Louisiana

Area name Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Hourly median wage Annual median wage
Louisiana 15,580 $12.17 $25,310 $10.92 $22,720

SOC code: Standard Occupational Classification code

Data extracted on December 26, 2013

Contact the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners or call (888) 446-9436 for further insight.

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