Security Guard Training Colorado

Security guard training in Colorado can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. In order to become an unarmed security guard in the state of Colorado, one must first have a license for his or her term of employment. The City Clerk’s office manages the application process.

Security Guard TrainingMinimum requirements that must be met to obtain an unarmed security guard license include:

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Being a resident of Colorado
  • Being a United States citizen or registered alien
  • Having a valid and up-to-date driver’s license or state ID card
  • Possessing a valid social security card
  • Providing a medical certificate (within 60 days of filing the security guard application) stating that you are physically able to perform  the tasks of a security guard
    • Only a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant certified by the Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners can administer this certificate
  • Having evidence of a background check within 30 days following the completion of the security guard application from the CBI or similar source
  • Should one plan to harbor a nightstick, mace or knife during duty, he or she must carry at all times proof of agreement to Regulation No. 7. Regulation No. 7 provides detalied regulations for the size of blades and nightsticks.

    Additional requirements that could be of assistance include having a high school diploma or education of equal value or qualification, a driver’s license and the utilization of great communication skills.


    Please visit Denver Business Licensing for more information.

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