Security Guard Training in Idaho

Idaho’s Bureau of Occupational Licensing Office does not have established requirements in place to become an unarmed security guard. However, each respective city and county may maintain their own set of conditions and security guard training requirements. As such, we recommend for prospective security guards in the state of Idaho to contact their local city or county clerk’s office.

Idaho Security Guard Training Requirements

Security Guard TrainingNevertheless, some of the standard requirements to become a security guard include:

  • Being of 18 years of age or older
  • Having a High school diploma or certification of equal value
  • Not being convicted of any felonies or crime involving the use of illegal weapons

Additionally, having a valid driver’s license, being in good physical shape, having the ability to stand for extended periods of time and possessing clear communication skills are always great selling points.


Idaho Statistics for Security Guard Jobs

Area name Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Hourly median wage Annual median wage
Idaho 2,320 $14.55 $30,270 $12.13 $25,240

SOC code: Standard Occupational Classification code

Data extracted on December 25, 2013

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