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Successfully landing a job as an armed or unarmed security guard requires effective communication and often a solid security guard resume. In fact, as the world continues to globalize and the use of the personal computer continues to become a more popular method to find jobs, it can be said that resumes have become more important today than ever. Nonetheless, the simple truth is that you often have only one opportunity to grab an employer’s attention, express who you are and obtain the position you seek. As such, the phrases you use to state your intentions and describe yourself are critical, and are often what make the difference between being acknowledged or rejected.

Security Guard Resume 101

Photo of Security Guard Premises in California
Photo of Security Guard Premises in California

At Security Guard Training IHQ, we define the resume as, “a one page document summarizing an applicant’s education, work history, accolades and experiences.” Your resume should directly explain to the prospective employer why you are the man or woman of choice for a particular job or function.  As such, when creating a security guard resume, it is important for you to include those experiences and qualifications considered most relevant to the job in which you seek.

Some brief examples of experiences and qualifications most relevant for security guard jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • Completed security guard training courses
  • Previous employment positions with an emphasis on attention to detail and accountability
  • Previous experience in corporate security guard jobs
  • Applicants with military and/or law enforcement backgrounds
  • Decent communication and writing skills
  • Physical fitness and strength
  • Experience working in environments that undergo constant change
  • Having an active guard card, depending on the locale
  • First aid and CPR certifications
  • Possession of superb customer service skills
  • Excellence in working in a fast paced environment

Please note that these are only a select few of the experiences and qualifications most relevant to jobs for security guards.

A Good Security Guard Resume

In the words of our founder, “If you cannot sell yourself, you’ll never sell anyone else.” Your resume should literally motivate the recruiter or individual reading it to want to immediately pick-up the telephone or computer and contact you.

You achieve this by painting a picture through your resume of your skills, abilities and accomplishments in a way that makes people excited about wanting to meet you. In a way, you can think of your resume as professional Facebook profile. Does your Facebook profile look flat, dry and like a laundry list of your job titles and interests? Or, is your Facebook profile dynamic, relatively colorful and attention grabbing? Please note that we are not suggesting for anyone to embellish the truth, as such dark act will always surface to light and present negative consequences. Nor do we naively believe that everyone’s Facebook profile is exciting and dynamic to everyone in the world, as we fully understand that we are all created differently. However, what we are promoting is that the world is relative and we often share more similarities with those around us than we think.

Common Types of Security Guard Resumes

Security guard resumes are typically presented in one to three formats. The three formats are the chronological resume, the functional resume and the combined resume.

Chronological Resume
Functional Resume
Combined Resume
A good choice for individuals with work experience directly related to the security guard industry.A good choice for individuals without work experience directly related to the security guard industry, but can show high performance and success through other experiences and activities.A good choice for individuals with work experience related to the security guard industry, as well as other unrelated accomplishments and experiences that may impress employers.

The Chronological Security Guard Resume Format

Chronological security guard resumes are recommended for security guard applicants who have previous employment experience within the protective services or security guard industries.

Often this type of resume tends to list the applicant’s education toward the bottom of the resume as the prime focus is placed on the applicants work experience/history. Please note that this is not always the case; however, we find this to be a noteworthy occurrence. Accordingly, for applicants who have a steady work history within the industry, this type of format can work extremely well. Security guard agencies and employers tend to like this format because it is straightforward, easy to understand and vividly illustrates the applicant’s previous career trajectory. Unfortunately, for the same reasons that the chronological security guard resume is popular for some security guard applicants with applicable work experience, it can be unpopular for security applicants without such applicable work experience. Consequently, this type of security guard resume may not be best suited for those who have little to no work history, an inconsistent work history, gaps in employment or a trend of job-hopping in or within the protective services industry. Such red flag issues immediately jump off of the page when using the chronological resume format.

As such, the chronological resume tends to lend additional credibility to applicants with previous or current industry experience as a security guard, and much less value to those who do not. Hence, the chronological security guard resume is not recommended for applicants who lack the required or ideal work experience within the security guard field. However, if you do not have the necessary work experience to illustrate on your resume, do not worry – for you, we recommend the use of the functional or combination types of resumes.

The Functional Security Guard Resume Format

We recommend the use of the functional security guard resume when security guard training applicants plan to make career changes, have varied work histories or have little to no work experience in the protective services industry. Functional resumes are also suggested to be utilized when job descriptions require very specific skills or clearly defined personality traits.

In the functional security guard resume format, skills, achievements and other important highlights are presented in order of substance. A distinguishing factor between the chronological and functional resume formats is that work history on the functional security guard resume, if any, is either listed toward the bottom or, in some cases, not listed at all. Furthermore, users will typically adjust the headings on functional resume formats according to the type of things they have done.

Possible headings include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and coursework
  • Volunteer work
  • Related organizational memberships

Education is often listed near the top of the security guard resume when using the functional resume format because it can often be the applicant’s best selling point as grade point averages and other education factors provide employers with tools to help evaluate prospective candidates. As such, this is the case for recent graduates, but also can be effective for experienced applicants long out of school.

Let us mention that because work experience is not highlighted in direct relation to an accompanying position in the security guard field, some employers and agencies can be wary of the functional security guard resume format. However, employers also realize that high performance and success in other aspects of life typically correlate with a prospective applicants potential for success within their enterprises. Accordingly, it would be silly to not highlight your education, relevant coursework and affiliations as these items often directly relate to the current security guard job search. Yet, listing unrelated part-time jobs in a chronological format often will work against applicants. This is the case even for employers that typically prefer the functional security guard resume format. This is because it does not show proven success, employer loyalty and other factors ideal for job applicants.

As such, a functional security guard resume is a great choice for security guard job applicants to highlight particular skills or experiences that demonstrate accountability, high performance, trust and etc. Rather than focusing the resume on your previous industry experience, the functional security guard resume enables the applicant to share other experiences and activities that are unrelated, but potentially transferable to the security guard industry.

The Combined Security Guard Resume Format

Last, the combined security guard resume format pulls elements from both the chronological and functional security guard resume formats and combines them into one document. Often we suggest this type of resume for security guard job applicants with lengthy career histories. Employers like to see the first part of the resume illustrate career highlights and accomplishments, and the second part list the candidates work history. As such, for candidates with minimal applicable work experience within the security guard industry, the functional security guard resume is still the suggested type of resume to use, and for applicants with previous experience, the chronological or combined formats are recommended depending on your other accomplishments and career highlights.

Example of Security Guard Resume

 Alexander G. Vargas, II


123 E. Second Street · Los Angeles, CA 90122 · Mobile (213) 123-7456 ·


Seeking to join an organization as a security professional to protect physical and non-physical assigned assets.

• California security guard training certificate
• 10 years of experience in the protective services industry
• First aid and CPR certified
• Proof of clean background record
• Committed to ensure safety of assigned premises



Securitas – Los Angeles, CA                                                              November 2009 – Present
Corporate Security Guard
• Responsible for overseeing the premises and adjacent areas
• Circulate among visitors, patrons and employees to preserve order
• Investigates any and all suspicious activity
• Write daily reports of of activities and irregularities

Key Accomplishments
• Security professional of the year three years straight
• Assisted in development of the security guard training program
• Helped organization analyze threat points for security cameras

Century City Lofts – Century City, CA                                   Jan 2003 – November 2009           Front Desk Security Guard
• Monitored entrance and premises via patrol and surveillance systems
• Built relationships with tenants to gain understanding of control environment
• Adjusted controls that regulated building systems, such as air conditioning and lighting
• Tasked with writing incident reports when required

Key Accomplishments
• Frequently awarded as employee of the month
• Learned how to determine best security camera placement


Long Beach State – Long Beach, CA
Associate Degree in Criminal Justice – 2004



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