Top 5 Countries for Your Career as a Security Guard

As most recent college graduates have realized by now, the USA has a challenging job market. Thankfully, with a passport or visa, the USA is not the only option when it comes to starting/advancing your career. There are plenty of options with a variety of accommodations for your individual situations. For example, Bulgaria has a great job market right now and if you’re pregnant or planning to start a family, offers a required maternity leave and if you desire a salary increase or retirement, Singapore is the place for you. Long story short, there are so many opportunities around the world.

Here are the top 5 countries for your career:

  1. China


Most come to China for the career or just the paycheck, but it’s unlikely to earn more than $200,000 a year. However, China is apparently the most cost-effective place for childcare. Many have seen the cost of raising children decrease while also seeing the quality of childcare increase.


China remains a top destination for business people due to its inexpensive resources and labor. Now, instead of just purchasing, people are working in China selling these resources. The economy is good and there are plenty of opportunities. The only possible downfall would be the culture shock an American may find but that’s nothing a little social observation and open mind can’t cure…oh, and the 50-hour work week and very pricey housing.


  1. Germany


Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world and unlike our top two, housing is reasonably priced. Another great perk is that the average work week consists of 27.8 hours which is one of the lowest work week averages for full time workers in the job market. It is important to note that Germany maintains a very high standard of living but thankfully, also has one of the strongest economies in Europe. You will have a very healthy work/life balance with shorter hours which is something millennials find ideal.


  1. France


The number one benefit to working in France is that you will work nearly 200 hours less each year than other countries. France is also holds the lead of number of paid vacation days with a total of 40, 30 of these days are mandated and 10 are public holiday. This gives you plenty of time to explore your new home in France which has many attractions to keep you busy/entertained. France is also known for its efficient/accessible health systems. However, like China, housing is a bit pricey.



  1. Brazil


Brazil, like France, has made the list for offering workers mass amounts of paid vacation days per year. In fact, they offer the most paid vacation days in the world. Full-time workers can earn up to 41 days of paid vacation time. 30 of those days are for leisure time when the worker’s choice and the other 11 are for paid federal holidays. That’s a lot of time off in the beautiful county of Brazil.


  1. United Kingdom


The UK is the first place that US companies place employees when it is time for international expansion. Besides the language being the same (though the dialect differs greatly), the culture and legal system hold likeness to the US so it makes sense to begin in the UK. The main center of business in the UK is London though, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

So whether you’re just beginning in your career or trying to just finish off strong but with ease, global markets are the way to go. Don’t be afraid though, there’s a market out there for everybody!




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