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Over the past couple of months, we have received tons of comments inquiring about the type of security guard jobs available in job market. As a result, we have deemed it beneficial to our reader base to publish an article on the subject.

Security Guard TrainingThe top 5 types of security guard jobs available in the job market are an important part of discovery as the discovery of a future career for a prospective security guard usually depends greatly on where the prospect lives; or in more technical terms, the prospects geographical location in relation to industries of the area. Similarly, a persons experience and professional credentials are equally important when establishing a base line in the position as a security guard. Simply put, security guard jobs are not what they used to be twenty or even ten years ago. Now-a-days, the amount of security guard training an applicant has will often dictate the types of opportunities in the job market presented, such as whether the applicant will work at a hospital, drive an armored car, work as a surveillance investigator or work as an upscale/personal security officer. As such, there are many organizations that provide security guard training and even security guard positions to those who demonstrate a serious interest in excelling in this multifaceted career.

5 Types of Security Guard Jobs

1. Armed Security Guard

The purpose of using an armed security guard is to protect properties (private and public), businesses and people. Armed security guards are frequently found patrolling various types of venues including banks, retail markets, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings and more. To be this type of security guard typically calls for specific training in the areas of firearms, physical fitness and prerequisite certifications or rankings; able to be obtained through the completion of applicable security guard training course(s). Note that ranking usually refers to marksman, sharpshooter or any other classification required by this position.

Further, regarding compensation, the compensation scale for armed security guards will typically range from $23,000 to $55,000 per year based upon experience and professional training. As such, a quality security guard resume can provide a prospective security officer a great service by clearly depicting ones education, professional experience and certified training.

2. Mobile Security Guard

Mobile security guards are commonly found behind the seat of security vehicles patrolling parking garages, parking lots, shopping malls, manufacturing plants and more. Security guard jobs in this area are often specific in nature; however, the general job description is usually for an individual to perform regularly scheduled security checks throughout the property to deter safety violations, damage to property, theft and or individuals who are not permitted access to the property. Accordingly, mobile security guards require specific requirements and skill sets; most notably a clean driving record and the ability to keep themselves and others calm under pressure. As such, when assembling a security guard resume for this type of role, it is important to depict an image of trust and accountability.

3. Unarmed Private Security Guard

We define unarmed private security guards as security professionals that work for private security organization/companies. To work for one of the world’s leading private security organizations requires an applicant who understands the importance of confidentiality. The earnings scale for private security guard jobs in this field typically range between $17,000 and $39,000 per year. Further, compensation will often be based upon education, professional experience and specific security guard training for the position. However, by education we do not mean typical university education as there are usually no minimum secondary education requirements needed to become an unarmed private security guard. Many jurisdictions will instead simply require high school diplomas or the equivalent with additional education viewed more positively. In fact, in larger private security companies, we have observed the key compensation drivers to be merit and longevity.

4. Security Guard – Armored Car

Driving and riding in an armored security car will require special security guard training. Working in this security guard field also entails criminal background checks and in many cases can even entail FBI Clearance checks.

Armored car security professionals are usually twenty to forty year old professionals with extensive (company specific) training and a great deal of fitness. Further, it is common for armored security guard professionals to possess firearms requiring another set of trainings. Last, compensation can vary from location to location, but generally such professionals bring home on average $27,000 to $33,000 annually.

5. Bodyguard and or Personal Security Guard

Security guard companies have evolved with the world’s changing demands and now provide a plethora of services to clients once not offered. Bodyguard and personal security guard services are two examples of such new offerings. This type of security guard job requires extensive training and often is occupied by former and or active military personnel, law enforcement officers and or athletes. Common activities often will include threat assessment, escort and protection duties. Futher, due to the nature of the job, compensation for this position is often configured on a daily basis, rather than annually, with daily payouts ranging anywhere from $300.00 to $2500.00 per day. Please note however that full time positions do exist and typically call for annual salaries.

To conclude, if becoming a security guard is what an individual is seeking, the opportunities are abundant. In order to obtain the desired position, it is important to create a proper security guard resume, know the job description and obtain the necessary qualification.

Now, go claim your job.

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