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Security guard job descriptions can vary greatly depending on the business of your employer and the type of asset(s) you are protecting.

As such, a security guard is usually an individual hired by a private or public business such as a security agency, hospital, bank, store, school or other type of organization to provide protective services. Security guards can be hired to stand stationary in order to protect individuals and or items, while others can be hired to monitor security cameras from a booth or surveillance room. On average annual security guard salaries are around $25,340 a year, but compensation varies from region to region.

Different Job Roles of Security Guards

Some security guards specialize in checking ID’s or other forms of documents in private and public businesses like local airports. These security guards tend to operate under a low to high level of danger and risk. For this type of role, special mandatory security guard training is often required as apart of fulfilling all requirements needed for the job description. Further, salaries on average tend to be higher than the roles and or jobs that station guards around buildings and complexes to protect stationary assets.

Security guard job descriptions usually require flexible hours and can require individuals to work around the clock. Individuals who have past experience with law enforcement often are considered top candidates to transition into work with security guard companies. Nonetheless, due to the continued increase in demand for security guards, many opportunities continue to exist for security officers who lack the necessary experience. Two key foci here are to create a stellar security guard resume and to obtain as much security guard training as possible.

While on-duty, it is expected of  security guards to be required to complete tasks such as collaborating with other law enforcement officials, to conduct interviews, to record performance logs and to complete surveillance monitoring paper work. Further, depending on whether the security guard is armed or unarmed will usually determine the exact employee instructions and guidelines and or responsibilities.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Many armed security guards receive combat and emergency assistance response security guard training. These classes can help enhance field readiness via experiences ranging from petty theft to public shooting disasters. As such, there are different levels of security guard training certification classes that can help advance an individual from becoming an unarmed security guard to an armed guard. Further, depending on the industry the security guard is within, certifications in fields like gaming security or an associate’s degree in criminal justice can often enable a security guard to receive higher pay and be promoted sooner.

To conclude, Security guards should always remain visible in order to serve as a deterrent to criminals. It is extremely important to remain alert and watch for abnormal activity or hear any unusual sounds. Security guards also are expected/required to check visitors’ badges and access allowance, and they should have access to a phone or radio so as to report suspicious activity or crimes in progress. Last, the main principle of a security guard is to keep the law and order of the business that he or she is protecting. Taking their duties seriously in order to make others feel more secure should be the utmost importance of a security guard and can lead to glowing reviews by employers and a successful protective services career.

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